GATE Living Wax Museum

Hempstead GT Students Shine at Living Wax Museum
Posted on 04/13/2018
This is the image for the news article titled Hempstead GT Students Shine at Living Wax MuseumStudents in the K-12 Gifted and Talented Program at Hempstead ISD did an excellent job of bringing characters to life in their version of “Madame Tussaud-Jenkins’ Living Wax Museum” held at the Bobcat Den on March 29.

Parents and guests in attendance, along with the students, enjoyed the event this year which allowed the students to be very creative with their projects. “I enjoyed this event so much,” said HISD Board Trustee Kay Kloecker. “The students did an excellent job this year!”

During the Spring GT Showcase, students in Cindy Jenkins GT classes presented their projects in a fun and interesting way for the guests who attended the event. Over 35 students dressed up as a variety of characters that included historical figures, athletes, inventors, musicians, human rights leaders, etc. Each one had a station with a backdrop of important information about their character and a “press me” button by their exhibit.

The students held their wax figure pose until one of the guests came by and pressed the button to bring them to life. Once the button was pressed, the student shared some interesting facts about the character he/she had chosen.

“I was so proud of each and every one of them,” said Mrs. Jenkins. “It was a bittersweet night for me as I know I’m going to miss them all next year,” she said. Jenkins, who has been working with the Hempstead ISD GATE program for the past seven years, announced she would be retiring at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Way to go GATE students and Best of Luck upon retirement Ms. Jenkins!

If you missed the event, pictures of the living wax museum are posted on the district website and Facebook page.

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