Number Sense

Building Strong Number Sense at Hempstead ISD
Posted on 06/07/2017
This is the image for the news article titled Building Strong Number Sense at Hempstead ISD“1…2….3… Show Me!” Famed educational consultant and author Kim Sutton took Hempstead ISD by subitizing storm on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. With several out-of-district visitors and many district staff participants eager to engage in her math motivation learning skills, Ms. Sutton used 5 four letter words and music as the basis for her math instruction: Game, Dice, Food, Race, and Song. “You can’t teach multiplication and division strategies without understanding the basic fundamentals, such as equal groups of one whole,” she stated.

Therefore, her math philosophy focuses on using multiple representations in mathematics progressing from the concrete use of manipulatives, to the pictorial representation of drawing a picture, to the abstract representation of written equations. The difference between using a textbook and a hands-on manipulative is the visual and kinesthetic representation that anchors the understanding of content. Using the term “game” takes the math lesson to a more engaging level where everyone wants to get involved and play.

“Textbook is a tool for the curriculum, if it is the best vehicle you have, you use it. However, if our goal is achieving the rigor of the TEKS, than a teacher has to know the mathematical content within those TEKS and use the best tools for achieving those goals. If buying a new textbook was going to fix all of our math woes, they would be fixed. The bottom line on all of this is our own content understanding. Teachers need to know and understand the content, not just the lesson and page number in the book.” - Kim Sutton