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Michael Bonner Ignites Staff at Hempstead ISD Convocation

Posted Date: 08/16/2018

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The staff at Hempstead ISD started the 2018-2019 school year off on an upbeat note as they entered the HHS Auditorium on Monday, August 13, to find Michael Bonner as the featured keynote speaker for the morning.

Mr Bonner, the author of “Get Up or Give Up” and a 2nd grade teacher at South Greenville Elementary School in Greenville, N.C., a school that is 100% FRL (free and reduced lunch) and located in an impoverished neighborhood in Eastern North Carolina, ignited the entire staff during his inspirational presentation.  

Social media tweets by staff following the event thanked Hempstead ISD for providing one of the best and most relevant convocation speakers in their careers.  The best take away from his presentation was his own quote, “You can’t demand a withdrawal from someone you have never invested in.”

Mr. Bonner, who has been teaching for 5 years and is currently working on his graduate degree in school administration at Liberty University, works hard everyday to make a profound impact on his students with his vision to create an engaging learning environment where students can become productive global citizens.

Featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show last year, Mr. Bonner was recognized for his positive and innovative educational approaches for children coping with the challenges of poverty.  Ellen posted on social media, “I wish I could go back to second grade, so Mr. Bonner could be my teacher.” He has also been honored by NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Ashton Kutcher Foundation, Flocabulary, Front Row, and other media formats in recognition of his positive & innovative approaches to shifting the frameworks surrounding education of all children.

According to Premiere Speakers Bureau, Mr. Bonner is consistently seen as a visionary leader who strives to create a positive mindset among all of his students.  “He understands that his students come to class each day with diverse backgrounds, strengths, needs, and challenges, and seeks to identify strategies to ensure the growth of their social, emotional, academic, and psychological needs.  Because of his approach to education, students leave feeling a little more hopeful, challenged, inspired, and forever a part of Bonnerville!”

Following the motivating presentation and before annual convocation luncheon, the staff had a chance to purchase the book and get photos and autographs with Mr. Bonner.

Thank you to Hempstead ISD and Michael Bonner for a providing the staff with a great start to the 2018-2019 school year.  Hempstead ISD...One Town. One Team. One Goal.

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