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Hempstead ISD Hosts Grandparents

Posted Date: 10/01/2018

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Hempstead ISD hosted Grandparents on Thursday and Friday, September 7-8, across the district.  In honor of Grandparents Day, students were encouraged to invite their grandparents to have lunch with them at school.  Over 200 guests enjoyed lunch over the two days.

Grandparents as well as great grandparents traveled long distances just to spend a 30 minute lunch with their grandchild while some sat through several lunches just to make sure they had lunch with each of their grandchildren. 

Grandparents Day, a holiday that has been celebrated since 1978, is celebrated annually in September on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  It is a day set aside to honor grandparents, but it also gives grandparents an opportunity to show love, strength, information and guidance for the younger generation.

Hempstead ISD would like to thank all the grandparents who took time to have lunch with their grandchildren.

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