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RFP - Copier Contract

Posted Date: 03/27/2019

Hempstead ISD is accepting proposals for the district copier contract. The proposal should
include the features listed below and address the concerns as listed. The proposal will be
approved by the Board of Trustees. The District may accept or reject any and all proposals.


Features included for all copiers:

  • Duplex capabilities
  • Collate multiple copies
  • Staple
  • Network capabilities
  • User login required
  • Toner included
  • Pool copy allowances for all machines
  • User management software
  • Google integration including Google Print capabilities

Proposals should address the following:

  • Delivery
  • Set up
  • Timeline
  • Training
  • Repair response time
  • Contract length and flexibility

Machines Considered in Proposal:

  • 9 Medium use machines (greater than 20,000 copies per month, but less than 50,000)
  • 4 Light use machines (less than 20,000 copies per month)

Two (2) hard copies of each proposal must be received by 11:00 a.m., Monday, April 15, 2019, at Hempstead ISD Administration, 1440 13th St., Hempstead, TX 77445. (May deliver via USPS mail to Hempstead ISD Administration, PO Box 1007, Hempstead, TX 77445.)

Any questions may be addressed to Alex Miller at

Click Here for Hempstead ISD Existing Copier Information and Data Updated 4-9-19 

Q & A

What is the anticipated start date for the new contract?

July 1, 2019

Which Board Meeting (date) are you planning on taking it to?

We plan on presenting our selection to the board for approval on April 15th (6PM start) provided we are able to make a determination before the meeting starts that night.

If not, we will schedule a special meeting later in April to get the selected contract approved.

How many copiers need fax capability?

None. we have separate dedicated devices for faxing purposes.

How many need to have color copy/print capability?

2. We want to replace our existing color copiers with a comparable solution.

With the 9 medium use machines (Greater than 20,000 per month but less than 50,000) – is that total or per machine?

Per machine

With the 4 light use machines (less than 20,000 copies per month) – is that also total or per machine?

Per machine

How many machines will need to have staple finishing capability?


We specialize in Texas Buy Board Purchasing Cooperative Coop pricing with our current education customers. Is Hempstead ISD accepting of the Texas Buy Board Purchasing Coop for this RFP?


In regards to the columns suggesting “network printers”, would desktop printers or small desktop multifunctional copiers want to be considered to be put in place? That way, those machines would have scanning and copying capability as well.

The 'network printer' changes were added because we were considering removing those copiers from the scope of the copier agreement altogether. They simply are not used enough to justify the cost of a leased and maintained copier. We were going to replace them with a standard PCS network printer.

In terms of the configuration of each copier and their estimated output volumes, is the number of paper drawers significant? 

No, it is not.

Do any of the campuses and departments use Mac devices or computers? 

We are mostly windows but we have a few Macs.

Do any of the teachers or staff use account codes when logging in to the copiers?

Every staff member used an account code to log into the copiers. That account code is linked to their Google account.

Does the school district use a current document and print management software system such as PaperCut? If not, would the school district consider adding a document management software system to the copier fleet?

We currently use Uniflow. It set up by the current lease company. We expect a software management system to be included in submitted proposals.

The RFP lists that Staple finishing is needed. Do any machines need to also have saddle stitch finishing?

No, we have no need for saddle stitch finishing.

How does the district prefer the meter read cycles? Monthly/Quarterly/Annually?

If you are referring to the copying pool count, we prefer annually as we have months of the year with very low copy count (summer) that could help cover other months of the year where we may go over the monthly quota.

What is the preferred term length for the lease?

5 years.

Do the teachers and staff use badges when logging into the machines?

Every user currently uses a copier code (which is associated with their respective district Google account) to log into the copier.


Regarding average monthly volume, can you please provide separate average monthly volumes for color and BW?

  • The annual color print count for the Administration color copier is ~130,000, B/W is ~35,000
  • The annual color print count for the Curriculum color copier is ~140,000, B/W is ~70,000.

What is the difference between the devices listed as Color Medium/Light and (color) Light-Medium?  You stated that you want 2 Color devices in previous questions answered, so can you please clarify what (color) is representing?

  • We are updating the provided data link to help clarify.
  • We deleted the typical replacement column.
  • The ‘RFP requested replacements’ column lists the copiers we wish to see listed on submitted RFP’s.
  • The 'network printer' listed in the ‘RFP requested replacements’ column will not be replaced with copiers because we are removing them from the scope of the copier agreement altogether. They simply are not used enough to justify the cost of a leased and maintained copier. We were going to replace them with a standard PCS network printer.
  • This brings the total required copier count to 13 as stated in the RFP details.

Do devices need to be 11x17 capable?

There is no required amount of available trays. However, the existing trays should accommodate various sizes up to 11x17.

For the stapling feature, are you looking for an external staple finishing option or an internal staple finishing option? Is Hole Punch needed on any of the devices?


Can you please confirm that the (9) Medium Use devices are color coded in the dark green on the spreadsheet and the (4) Light Use devices are in the light green on the spreadsheet?

  • Please refer to the updated link.
  • Light-Medium duty statement is just a reference related to general copy count and varies depending on the copier.
  • All RFP copier suggestions should be based on the provided monthly and annual copy counts regardless if it considered a light, medium or heavy duty.

Regarding the software management system:

  1. Can you please elaborate on how you want users to authenticate at the MFP; Proximity card, AD user ID/password, or pin code?
    1. Our current system uses a PIN code which is associated with the users’ Google account.
    2. Other user authentication options are considered as long as it includes Google integration.
  2. What is the network printing method, direct IP printing, or printing through a print server? If the print server, how many print servers and what operating system is running?
    1. Submitted RFP’s should include this solution. Current solution provides their own server with software included.
  3. How many users are in Active Directory?
    1. ~350. However, as stated in the details, the solution must provide google integration.
  4. Is Hempstead ISD looking for a “follow-me printing” solution where end users can release jobs from any printer?
    1. ​​Not specifically, but it can be included for consideration.​




Can you please confirm what signed documents need to be included in the proposal?

Signed RFP proposal.  Any additional required vendor information will be requested at a later date.

I wanted to find out what the percentage of total annual copies is color vs. b/w.

  • The annual color print count for the Administration color copier is ~130,000, B/W is ~35,000
  • The annual color print count for the Curriculum color copier is ~140,000, B/W is ~70,000.


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