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Teachers at Hempstead ISD Excited about Adoption

Posted Date: 08/26/2019

Teachers at Hempstead ISD Excited about Adoption

Twenty teachers at Hempstead ISD were excited when their names were called to receive a “School Supply” cake at the annual convocation as part of the “Adopt a Hempstead ISD Teacher” event.

School Board Trustee Connie Wawarofsky made the presentations to the staff as she called ten teachers from secondary campuses and ten teachers from elementary campuses.

“The community response was fantastic,” said Wawarofsky.  She started the “Adopt a Teacher” project in July and the community joined in this year to help teachers in the district.  “We hope to continue this project and have every teacher adopted next year.” 

As we all know, teachers spend money out of their own pocket each year to provide needed supplies for their classrooms.  Through the “Adopt a Teacher” project, community members are able to come together to help ease this burden for our teachers.  Each “school supply” cake was built with approximately $50 worth of supplies that were geared toward the campus the teacher was assigned to.

Hempstead ISD would like to congratulate all the teachers who received a gift and thank all the community members who made it possible through their donations.

2019 Adopt a Teacher School Supply Cakes went to the following:

  • Kumina Thomas - HHS - Donated by Tammy White
  • Karon Neal - HMS - Donated by Tammy White
  • Abraham Ahumada - HES - Donated by Ricky Pearce
  • Martha Arredondo - HES - Donated by NSDAR
  • Plez Atkins - HHS - Donated by Jackie Romine
  • ChrisSandra Jackson - HMS - Donated by Tina Taylor
  • Rosalyn Hood-Stevenson - HES - Donated by Joanne McCay
  • Jaime Rodriguez - HES - Donated by Waller County Catering
  • Wayne Tuckwell - HHS - Donated by NSDAR
  • Fred Crawford - HES - Donated by Waller County Chiropractic
  • Lester Ward - HMS - Donated by NSDAR
  • Erik Mott - HES - Donated by Joanne McCay
  • Erica Brown - HHS - Donated by NSDAR
  • Rosa Villalta - HMS - Donated by Tina Taylor
  • Keri Houston - HES - Donated by NSDAR
  • Jokeisha Campbell - HECC - Donated by Ricky Pearce
  • Carly Becker - HHS - Donated by NSDAR
  • Amanda Vasconi - HMS - Donated by NSDAR
  • Gloria Diaz De Vargas - HECC - Donated by Tammy White
  • Azucena Kennedy - HES - Mystery Box

Also a huge thank you to Connie Wawarofsky for gathering the supplies and creating the “School Supply” cakes.  One Town...One Team...One Goal!!!

If you are interested in Adopting a Teacher at Hempstead ISD, please call 979.826.3304, ext. 231.

Congratulations to our 2019 Adopt a Teacher recipients!  Pictured from the left are Plez Atkins, ChrisSandra Jackson, Amanda Vasconi, Jaime Rodriguez, Lester Ward, Karon Neal, Gloria Diaz De Vargas, Martha Arredondo, Rosalyn Hood-Stevenson, Rosa Villalta, Keri Houston, Erica Brown, Fred Crawford, Abraham Ahumada, Kumina Thomas, Carly Becker, Wayne Tuckwell, Azucena Kennedy, Jokeisha Campbell, and Erik Mott.


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