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Homeless Education Program

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
also known as the Mc-Kinney-Vento Act

If you live in any of the following temporary living arrangements:

  • In a shelter
    (Examples: living in a family shelter, domestic violence shelter, children/youth shelter, kicked out by parents, ran away from home)
  • In transitional housing
    (Housing that is available as part of a program for a specific length of time only and is partly or completely paid for by a church, a nonprofit organization, governmental agency, or another organization)
  • In the home of a friend or relative 
    (Examples: eviction, foreclosure, fire, flood, lost job, divorce, domestic violence, kicked out by parents, ran away from home)
  • In an unshelterd location
    (Examples: a tent, a car/truck/van, an abandonded building,, on the streets, at a campground, in the park, in a bus or train station, or similiar place without running water/electricity or with multiple families renting rooms/space causing substandard housing conditions, etc.)
  • In a hotel or motel due to loss of housing or economic hardship
    (Examples: eviction, foreclosure, cannot get deposits for permanent home, flood, fire, hurricane)

You may qualify for certain rights and protections under the federal Mc-Kinney-Vento Act.

For more information, contact the District’s Homeless Education Liaison:

Stacey Baughn-Hunt
Phone:  (979) 826-3304 Ext. 608
Cell:  (979) 221-7729