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Campus Behavior Coordinators

2020-2021 Campus Behavior Coordinators

By law, each campus has a campus behavior coordinator to apply discipline management techniques and administer consequences for certain student misconduct, as well as provide a point of contact for student misconduct. The contact information for each campus behavior coordinator is listed below:

Hempstead High School – Robert Thomas
Contact Information: (979) 826-3331 ext. 306 or email

Hempstead Middle School – LaToyia Jones
Contact Information: (979) 826-2530 ext. 412 or email 

Hempstead Elementary – Vera Cleveland
Contact Information: (979) 826-2452 ext. 512 or email 

Hempstead Early Childhood Center - Keri Houston
Contact Information: (979) 221-2021 ext. 601 or email