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SHAC - School Health Advisory Council


A School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a group appointed by the school district to serve at the district level.  Members of the SHAC come from different areas of the community and from within the school district.

The duties of the SHAC range from recommending curriculum to developing strategies for integrating curriculum into  coordinated school health program encompassing issues such as school health services, counseling services, a safe and healthy school environment, recess recommendations, improving student fitness, mental health concerns, and employee wellness.

The SHAC meets four times a year.

The following meeting dates are set for 2021-2022:

The following meeting dates are set for 2020-2021:

The following meeting dates are set for 2019-2020:

The following meeting dates are set for 2018-2019:

The SHAC met on the following dates in 2017-2018:

Click on the meeting date for the minutes of the meeting.

School Health Advisory Council: A Guide for Texas School Districts (Publication No. EO5-12431)
Click here to download the SHAC Guide

2020-2021 HISD Triennial Wellness Policy

2021 – 2022 HISD Local Wellness Policy